Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Size exclusive Easter Nike air max light <3

Things have been so crazy lately... Busy, all the time! Mum went to Vietnam for a week so I was a full time mum, surprised how much I missed work! Mine and Mark's 9 year anniversary, then 7 year wedding anniversary... Seriously doesn't feel even close to that long! Melbourne Victory had a ridiculous finals game of football against Perth Glory and somehow won! And I watched 5 seasons of Queer as Folk, which I will dedicate a whole post to at some point...

What I want to discuss is these beautiful sneakers that were finally delivered to me on Monday... I am not usually a lights fan, but seeing these I just had to have them! Was concerned about buying stuff before Vegas, but would be devo to get to Vegas having missed these and there be nothing for me there! So I did it! They are at they did take quite a long time, usually you are looking at a 5 day turn around, these were two weeks, but there was a long long weekend in there! Admire these beauties!

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