Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Melbourne Victory Football Club medal night...

In previous years I stupidly read tables of ten as meaning you must have ten people to get a table... On meeting Cassie this year, she told me that they would have just put us on a table with randoms, almost a year later we were on a table if ten and we knew most of the people, thanks twitter! In any case we went, and it was so good! Everyone looked and smelled good, the food and drinks were good, music was lacking, but in commercial situations my expectations are low... Was a really lovely social experience, high vibes, good chats, and getting pictures and having a yarn with lots of our players, and of course Ange!

Thing here have been crazy, with my cousin and her family down from Cairns, we are all exhausted! And Vegas is tomorrow... I still don't feel on top of things, but I am just staying in the present with my beautiful children, who I am going to miss soooo much! I didn't think that Mace would still be so baby by now, so when I booked, I assumed he would be like Marley at this age... It stresses me right out, he's such a lil mamas boy, I hope I don't do any serious trauma by leaving! Great night with great company... Really lovely group of people, and of course a freaking amazing team!!!

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