Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vegan Shepherds Pie...

Last nights dinner was vegan shepherds pie, the pie shepherds who love their sheep eat! We were all really feeling this, keeping in mind how hard it can be trying to make vegan comfort food... I think next time I might add Worcestershire sauce? Any way, a few people asked for the recipe, so here it is! No pics because it was eaten by the time I was asked for the recipe...

5/6 potatoes
Tbl sp Garlic
Tbl sp Nuttlex
Glug of Soy milk
Mash potatoes together with ingredients
If vegetarian not vegan, cows milk and butter instead of replacements!

3 carrots and/or bag of mushrooms
1 onion
Tin lentils
Quorn mince
Tbl sp flour
Up to 2 cups of Veggie stock to thicken gravy
Tbl sp Tomato paste
Sprinkling of thyme dried or fresh
Sprinkling of fresh parsley

Cook it all up making sure that your gravy thickens, keep stirring, add flour/veggie stock until it's quite thick!

Layer filling and top in pan, bake on 200 for half hour or so...

If you are vegetarian instead of vegan add some cheese to the topping, my kids added cheese to theirs... Marley also added rosemary because she won't eat potato without rosemary (whatever it takes!)... With a dollop of tomato sauce and salt to serve - I don't cook with salt because if the tiny humans, but a light sprinkling of salt brings out the flavours, mmmm...

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