Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grobag Clock

I have been incredibly blessed with awesome sleepers! 7am is our routine wake up time, prior to starting kinder Marley was waking between 6.30 and 7... Our rule is no one gets out of bed until 7, so we would go and tell her to go back to sleep, and she would, after waking her brother up in the process! Our friends had used this with amazing results, and we thought we should give it a go...

The first night freaked Marley out, she doesn't like light in her room, so we unplugged it... A few days later I tried to get the night setting to be lightless, and it worked! So the sun is set to come up at 7 and we don't here from her before then ! Since starting kinder she probably doesn't need it at all, she is sleeping until closer to 7.30 with the kinder exhaustion! In any case I do highly recommend it if you have an early waking little one!

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