Sunday, February 10, 2013

Byron Bay with my BFF... The Byron at Byron...

Long time no post... Have been away with my best friend to celebrate 20 years of friendship... Was a big one so we did it in style! The Byron at Byron is a 5 star resort, on entry you can feel it immediately... It's beautiful, the staff are beautiful, literally, smoking hot! You enter on to the pool area, restaurant and deck, it is pristine, overlooking a rainforest... Couldn't wait to use that area!

Next we go to our room and it's amazing... Huge, with balconies on both end fly wires in to keep the rainforest bugs out! A kitchen, lounge area, massive bathtub and king bedroom, 2 TVs, lounge room one was HUGE! Over the course of the weekend we used most aspects of the resort, beautiful pool area, delicious cocktails delivered to wherever we were on the resort, walks around the rainforest, to the beach, a delightful yoga class on the pool deck in the morning, massages, spa, the fine dining, and unfortunately the room service (the only let down!)... Aside from the latter, everything was brilliant!

The massage was possibly the best massage I ever had... The hot oil was divine! Cocktails were all really special, my favourite was the Vanilla Passion, vanilla passion fruit... The Canadian Maple was good and the apple cinnamon sour was just a little too sour for me! The restaurant had the best food I have eaten in a good two years, scallops, fish and veg all cooked to perfection! Dessert was crazy! Yoga teacher was a hot Swedish woman, everything was 'beautiful yah?!' The class was clearly for beginners, but after 1.15 hours I definitely felt it!

If you have something special coming up I highly recommend a visit!

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