Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alex Cross - the film...

After a wonderful weekend, shiesty hangover but well worth it, we all got colds (Mark excluded)... It has been so long since we have had colds that I forgot how rotten they are! Two sick kids and a sick mum, not good at all... Feeling really bad led to me going to bed early and watching a film... I was dubious about watching Alex Cross, mostly because I love Morgan Freeman and was concerned that no one could fill his shoes! I am also a big fan of the books, have read them al!

I wouldn't say it was an awesome film, and Tyler Perry wasn't great... It did however tick boxes for being an easy watch when my head was full of sinus pressure... It also seemed to have an all star cast, recognising most actors, even bit parts, that was cool... Don't go out of your way to watch it!

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