Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yoga and Pilates, bringing calm to my life...

I am one of those annoying people that enjoys exercise... It all started when we were building up to trying to have Marley, I stopped drinking a year before we started 'trying', and I started exercising... Seriously exercising... 5 times a week, pump, Pilates, yoga, and a personal weights and cardio program... It didn't take long and my body started changing, I lost weight and what was left was toning up, I'm talking an ab line! Then pregnancy occurred fast, and I managed to keep it up, until I was 8 months pregnant! 6 weeks after Marley, I was back... It was definitely harder to get there, but I did it... And then I was pregnant again and I just couldn't manage! I was exhausted, so switched to a home yoga DVD and did that most days... I must say that just yoga, as opposed to the exercise onslaught in my first pregnancy, really helped my back, especially in the later stages! No back pain at all!!!

Once Mace arrived I couldn't do it, it would take as long as the class just to get there and back... So I stopped... I did yoga DVDs sporadically but was too tired that first year to really bother... I was watching my food intake and losing weight, but I missed the burn, so downloaded a couple of seasons of yoga and Pilates DVDs to my iPad and got serious about it... Every day I do something, whether it's a 10 minute stretch, or 40 minutes of pain, Mark is even joining me now! Once the kids are in bed we do a class before starting our own night routine!

The benefits are numerous! I can get my hands flat under my feet instead of just touching my toes... I sleep really well, every night... Whatever stress the day brought, I let go, this is probably why I sleep so well! My awful spare tyre is melting away, slowly, but it is happening! I definitely recommend some exercise, especially yoga and Pilates, it feels so good, like it makes you a better version of yourself!

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