Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary

I have been to Cairns well into double digits, and have managed to never head out to Kuranda.. We made the trip with the kids, my aunt and nephew, to check out the butterfly sanctuary, both of my kids are obsessed with them! It was a windy road, but not too bad, we arrived in good time for opening... The staff were delightful and we made it just before the free guided tour, which was surprisingly good! Lots of information and a look at the lab with the giant caterpillars...

The sanctuary itself is beautiful, lots of greenery, and not stuffy like the Melbourne Zoo because it's for local butterflies, so they survive in local temps... The local butterflies are just divine, huge mofos! We had a great time, and then cruised around the town a little, checked the sparse markets, went to the park and had our lunch... A really lovely morning!

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