Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Wiggles with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

The Wiggles meet the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Saturday 25 August 2012 10am Hamer Hall

I had mixed feelings about this show... Wanted my kids to be exposed to the orchestra, but also wondered if it would kill their vibe a bit... It didn't! It was another lovely musical layer... The Wiggles pack in most of their usual routine, all of the favourites, in an intimate setting... I was really glad we came!

From the get go, in their small entourage I noticed the 'new' wiggles, it was good that in the end they were introduced as Wiggles in training... Gave the kids a minute to get to know them, especially as we aren't trekking to Rod Laver arena with 13,000 other kids to seethe goodbye show... This was our third time in a year, and I definitely prefer the more intimate settings! This was the furthest back we have been from them (row p), the other times, the 3rd and 8th rows, I like it, always been a front row kind of girl myself! Haha..

In any case, they were brilliant, was glad to see the originals play one last time... Can't wait to see what the new Wiggles bring!

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