Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday baking (I know it's Thursday) - Smitten Kitchen's Potato chip cookie!

Friday baking has become tradition in my house the past couple months, while it is Thursday, we are going on holiday Saturday, so I will be packing, tidying etc Friday... I was speaking to my aunt on the phone yesterday (she is a keen baker) and she told me about these cookies, I immediately knew that Mark would be into them, and so, I must bake them! Marley was in the mood to help, so she did, we did a good job! I need to say how much easier life gets as the kids get older...

We had them for dessert, and unfortunately while they are okay, I think Marley was the only one of us that was sold on them... You win some, you lose some... Losing, of course, makes me want to bake something else tomorrow, but I really don't have the time!

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