Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kid's obsessions... Doc McStuffins

If you have kids, or even know kids, you know they can go through mad obsessions... I remember when Marley was 1, she was bonkers about Ernie from Sesame Street... It went on for quite some time, as a result we have loads of Ernie's laying around (I am semi hoping that Mace takes a liking to him, haha)! I remember her little voice chanting Er-neee, good times!

Now she is 3, she has been through loads of 'phases', certainly not all of them result in purchases... Some months ago, Disney Junior started advertising Doc McStuffins, loads! It worked, Marley wanted it IQ'd from the get go, and watched it religiously while Mark put Mace to bed and I did yoga... Inevitably it has been released on DVD and I ordered it on amazon... Today it arrived and with Mace teething and to avoid the post crèche crazy, it has been on, around half the day... Say what you will about kids tv, but if it will stop mine going bonkers the day after crèche each Thursday, I am sooooo in!

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