Monday, August 13, 2012

Virgin Australia is the way to fly!

We have long flown Jetstar around Australia, obviously because it's the cheapest... The past two flights I have taken with Jetstar with my kids have been AWFUL... Really inconsistent, incompetent staff that make you feel like you are an inconvenience to them, not that they are being paid to look after you and keep you safe (that is their job right?), we have encountered some downright nasty people on their staff, too many incidents for it to not be company culture, and after the last flights we decided to make the change... (a friend flew with Jetstar recently and had the exact same complaints with them, wrote and angry email and were also given compensation money, you have to wonder how many hundreds of dollars they are wasting compensating, that should be used on training!)
Flying to Cairns we booked with Virgin, and what a good idea that was! The staff were lovely, from check in, to boarding, they took the time to make us feel welcome in their workplace, on both flights... The real test came when we were delayed on the way home (this is when Jetstar staff are the angriest), Mace missed his sleep and went into meltdown, my kids don't have tantrums, so I was at a loss as to how I could help him, nothing was working, he was devastated, it was awful, for him, for us, for everyone on the flight! The staff were lovely, we were chatting to a girl called Kylie, she came back and took him off our hands, for half hour! Brought him back a completely different child! I felt like they went above and beyond their job descriptions, all of us in it together, helping us, not ostracising us for our angry, tired baby...
On the way up we also had our own tv screens which was to Marley's absolute delight! We have made the choice that no matter what the cost, we will be flying with them only from now on... If you have kids and are looking to fly interstate, I highly recommend them!
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