Friday, October 29, 2010

The zoo and the kid!

Yesterday we took advantage of a day off, beautiful sun and our Friends Of The Zoo memberships and went to the zoo... Truly awesome day, only downside was the influx of school children later in the morning... Marley loved the meerkats, all varieties of monkey, and most of all, the seals... That's when I took that photo, was tough because she was eating her sandwich and in fits of laughter as the seal swam round and demanding 'more more more' every time it swam away... Love the zoo, especially with my little family...

Scan was awesome, so nice to see our little ones functioning heart, brain, fingers, toes and whole little being... Was absolutely stoked on leaving, except that it is already measuring big... There are pros and cons to having big babies, all pros for the kid, all cons for the labour, ouch!

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