Friday, October 15, 2010

Early Birthday Kicks (x2)

Today I got my birthday kicks from Marks parents... Got to love an early present! There is another early birthday gift from the little baby in my tummy, some tiny tummy nudges... A brilliant gift! I love it when you first start to feel the baby move, it doesn't distract too much, it doesn't hurt yet and it's kind of like a special secret between the two of you... Good times!

Birthdays when you are pregnant are a bit blegh... There is a definite feeling that you don't need anything, you are going to be blowing up like a whale so the last thing you want is anything that reminds you of your pre pregnancy weight, and the only thing you really want is to have a baby... Then there are always shoes, but your feet are always changing size through and after your pregnancy, but we went with shoes *fingers crossed* my feet don't go up another half size this time!!! I really don't want feet bigger then they are currently, but this will be my last pregnancy so hopefully they don't change, and if they do, it's not too much!

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