Monday, October 18, 2010

Go Specsavers Go!!!

Well today there was a great expectation to drop a grand on glasses, this is commonplace at OPSM, which is where I have been going for the last 16 years... When I was last at OPSM they royally effed up my script, so I made the decision to change to the new in Australia Specsavers... I used Specsavers in the UK and was happy with their service...

So I go to Specsavers, the optician is truly awesome... The rest of the staff are really helpful and on top of that I got 2 pairs of glasses for $760!!! Now if you have run of the mill bad eyesight you can get two pairs for less then half that, my eyes are extremely bad hence the hefty price tag... Still, my lenses alone are usually $500 if that gives you an indication of just how good a deal they give!

And for everyone out there that consistently suggest that I get laser, it is well and truly off the cards... My eyes suck so bad that even if I got laser I would still need to wear glasses full time, at least the dude was real with me... Even if it crushes my hopes of ever waking up and seeing my beautiful husbands face :(

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