Thursday, October 30, 2008

still away...

We are still sunning it up in cairns, with little connection... Will be back next week with many a review and photo :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Melbourne City Romp

Melbourne City Romp
19th October 2008

A few months ago while watching Amazing Race I saw the advertisement for this, I got excited quickly... In the next 24 hours I got together a team of 6 and registered...
On the day which just so happened to fall on my 30th birthday, I was still struggling with the flu and I knew that completing the challenge wouldn't help, but I am glad I went along... We had no idea what to expect, which was basically a grid of possible check points with clues to pinpoint exactly where they were, and a challenge at every checkpoint with a multiple choice answer, these challenges were a mixture of physical, to hunt, to find, to jump... After 4 hours we were knackered! We probably didn't score very high, but now we have an idea we will tackle it again next year with a little more order...

Fifteen Melbourne

Fifteen Melbourne
115 – 117 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000(Enter through George Parade)
Telephone : 1300 799 415
International : +61 (0) 386 486 000

We have been to this restaurant before, when it first opened... The food was fantastic, though it was very dark and at times hard to see... We thought that we would go back again for Marks birthday and have another round of the degustation menu - awesome that they have a meat and vegetarian option... The slow roasted lamb the first time was the meat highlight of the year for me, unfortunately that wasnt being served this time...

The food was pretty good, not as great as the first time, but the lighting was better, and the service impeccable... Our waiter - Dan - was extremely helpful on the pregnancy front making sure that I could eat everything on the menu, and changing dishes accordingly...

Appetiser: Zucchini flowers with mint and ricotta in tempura batter
A yummy start, I think that it was Marks favourite
Vegetarian 1st course - we both had this: bruschetta with a creamy cheese and broadbean mash and peas
This was divine!

Vegetarian Course 2: Minestrone
Mark said that this was average, a bit bland

Non vegetarian Course 2: tuna carpaccio with quails egg and salad
Another great course, the tuna and the egg went surprisingly well together

Vegetarian course 3 we both had this: ricotta, mushroom, sage, marjoram wrapped in light pasta sprinkled with parmesan
This was amazing, the perfect amount, too much could get a bit rich

Vegetarian course 4: oozy polenta, roasted pumpkin, cavalo nero, poached free range egg, parmesan and micro herbs
Mark said that this was good
Non vegetarian Course 4: John Dory in a butter herby sauce
Good fish, great sauce!

Palatte cleanser: watermelon sorbet

Dessert course 5: Chocolate tart
This was too rich, neither of us could finish it

Cheese board course 6
We only barely touched this, after 2.5 hours with the flu we were both ready to go, and full up on the prior yummy dishes...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Knocked Up - DVD

I have seen this film numerous times when not pregnant, but thought I should watch it while I was... I did still find it funny, but I must say that the birth scene kind of freaked me out... I have made it a rule to not give the birth much thought until closer to the time, but the scene where the head is coming out shook me right up! When the film ended I decided to go back to not thinking about the birth and not to watch that film again until after the baby is born!

ALIFE and A.R.C. Courtyard Clearance Sale - NYC

Who: ALIFE & A.R.C.
What: Courtyard Clearance Sale (CASH ONLY)
When: Thursday, October 23rd - 12 to 7, Friday, October 24th - 12 to 7, Saturday, October 25th - 12 to 7, Sunday, October 26th - 12 to 6
Where: 158 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002

Dexter picked up for two more seasons!

Good news for Dexter fans! Dexter has been picked up for two more seasons on Showtime... Enjoy!

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme WP - Weatherproof - Olive Khaki

I love the colourway, simple... For those of you that live in harsher climates this AF1 Supreme features an upper that is weather proof as well as an outsole that uses a new “0.44 Sticky Rubber” that helps the traction of the shoe especially in wet weather such as snow, sleet, or rain during the Winter months.

Would have been dope while I was doing outreach in London!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Belly Band

Pumpkin Patch Belly Band

Now this picture isn't the actual band in question, it is just to give you a visual of what a belly belt looks like...
After the awfulness that was the Target Belly Band I had some fear of buying another one... But then I was checking the Pumpkin Patch website and saw a dress I liked, and noticed that their belly bands were on sale for $15, I thought it was worth trying and purchased... There is an immediate difference in quality, the material is stretchy, and fits, then grows with you... Have had heaps of use out of this, possibly the best pregnancy $15 I have spent so far... Highly Recommend!!!

Ralph Lauren Shoes - Myer

Ralph Lauren Shoes - Myer

Ever since Olivia (Annettes daughter) was born I have wanted these little heartbreakingly beautiful Ralph Lauren shoes for her... They were $69.99 which was the reason why I never bought them... But I have continued to look at them, cruise them, talk about them, ever since... At the Myer midseason sale last week I had to show Mark them, and so we made our way to the kids shoes section, they were nowhere to be found, I was pretty upset that finally we are having a baby, she is a girl and we cant have these shoes... We mosey on to the clearance section and there they are, on sale!!! We bought them, for the bargain price of $39.95, just divine... Had to share the joy!

Louies Malvern - Cafe

Louies Malvern
9576 1910
130 Glenferrie Rd

Best Hot Chocolate in ages! Sorry no pics, maybe next time... Its around the corner from Cabrini, so I'm sure I will get another opportunity to photograph the greatness that is their hot chocolate...

café l'incontro - Melbourne

café l'incontro
140 Swanston Street,
Tel. 9650 9603

We stopped here for a rest and beverage after the Melbourne City Romp... Have been here before with no complaint BUT this time was different... We waited around 20 minutes to order our drinks at the counter, in which time one staff member kept messing up, the other berating him in front of everyone, meanwhile our legs were caning after 4 hours of running around Melbourne... When finally we were served, we waited for our drinks and finally took a seat... My hot chocolate was only half full, the rest was froth, this pissed me off, but I couldn't be arsed getting up to complain, and so took a photo of the evidence and thought I would vent here instead... Rude... Bad service, bad product, never returning...

Nike Air Force 1 Womens - Black - Tour Yellow

Nike Air Force 1 Womens - Black - Tour Yellow

The new AF1 women's offering have definitely perked my interest... No matter how many times I say I'm not buying AF1s anymore, the colourways continue to make it impossible... Available from 1st November...

Sass and Bide - Melbourne Warehouse sale

Sass & Bide - Melbourne Warehouse sale

Thursday 23rd 4-9pm
Friday 24th 10-5pm
Saturday 25th 10-5pm
Sunday 26th 11-3pm

Bays 1 & 2,
Shed 4,
Dock 4,
North Wharf Road

Apparently their sale always comes through... Enjoy...

Married to the MOB x Nike Dunk High

Married to the MOB x Nike Dunk High

People are definitely excited about the Nike x MOB collab, unfortunately I am not... Not feeling the material, nor the patent, and am not a fan of dunks, or highs... I'm not just being moody because I cant shake this flu, even though I'm not a fan of Reebok I did like the look of their Reebok collab...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Target: Belly Band

Belly Band
Now this picture isn't the actual band in question, it is just to give you a visual of what a belly belt looks like...

The first belly belt I bought was from Target, not wanting to spend a great deal of money on something I wasn't sure whether I would like, or even if I would be able to stay in my own clothes for long enough to use one... Well I am 21 weeks, still in my jeans, but this is not the belt I would choose to buy...
When I got it home it was immediately apparent that it was super stretchy, like 8 months pregnant stretchy, so it hardly even stayed up on its own... Clearly an inferior material, and should I reinstate it to my wardrobe I will review it again, but so far from 12 - 21 weeks it has been useless...

Bansky - The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill

The Village Pet Store & Charcoal Grill
89 Seventh Avenue South
Greenwich Village
New York
Until October 31

If you are in NYC make sure you get to the Village to check out Banksys installation complete with actor’s as store assistants, a caged monkey watching TV with headphones on, two chicken nuggets eating from a carton of what looks like barbecue sauce, a high-maintenance bunny sporting pearls while staring into her looking glass and hotdogs engaged in the “act of love”.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Palmers Olive Butter Formula

Palmers Olive Butter Formula

In that first trip to Priceline when I bought a few new Palmers products to try, I thought I should change my daily body moisturiser to one with vitamin E... The usual Palmers that I used didn't have it, so I opted for this... Now, it doesn't smell as good as Cocoa Butter, but it does go on and in to your skin beautifully and luckily I wasn't allergic to this one... Pretty sure I will stick with it through the rest of the pregnancy, and hope that with all of these lovely lotions, stretch marks aren't too prevalent!

Santogold - Australian Tour - Tickets on sale now

Santogold - Australian Tour - Tickets on sale now!

From the moshtix website:
Billboard The Venue
Mon 05 Jan
08:00 PM - 11:30 PM
$58 + bf

Civil Society and Fuzzy present Santogold!
Santi White shuffles styles as matter-of-factly as your iPod; Im a Lady nods to both girl groups (the Ronettes) and boy groups (TV on the Radio), and Lights Out could be a lost Pretenders single." Rolling Stone Civil Society is very proud to announce the first Australian tour of Phillys finest, Santogold catch her only Melbourne solo show at Billboard January 5. She combines a voice rivalling M.I.A and Karen O with the sounds of New Wave, Ska, Dub, Grime, Baltimore Club and Hip-hop in a manner thats all of her own. On her first album Santogold has already collaborated with underground superstars Diplo and Switch plus Spank Rock, M.I.A., Radio Clit, Dr Israel and Freq Nasty. Beyond all the hype and the internet buzz Santogold has been delivering astonishing live shows with her full 7-piece band.
Aaaah yeah, I gots mine! Will be the big pregnant lady up the front on the verge of passing out ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Teeny Tiny Swap Shop

Time and Place
Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm
Location: 'The Hungry Catterpillar' kiosk
Street: 43a Union Street
City/Town: Armadale, Australia

A Swap Shop for the Teeny Tiny. (sizes 000-3)Bring up to 10 of your pre-loved items to swap with something you will use and love just as much! We all have clothes our kids have used that we think are too good to toss, so bring them along and swap them! $8 entry (play area and park available to entertain the small ones, and a cafe to keep the bigger ones caffeine fix in check)

Palmers Organics Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for stretch marks

After the dismal effects of the Tummy butter I was definitely worried about trying any new products on my newly sensitive skin... But once the red and itching had cleared we still wanted to continue the ritual of a tummy rub every night... So try it we did...
It went on very smooth and easy, smelt yummy, rubbed in quickly and ultimately feels really good... I don't know what the difference is between the two ingredients wise, but whatever it is it make all the difference between a lovely experience and an allergic reaction... We have been using it for over a month and its still as lovely as the first day... I highly recommend it!

Grill'd Windsor

Grill'd Windsor
157 Chapel St Corner of St John St
TEL (03) 9510 2377

A lovely day for an outdoor burger... We decided on Grill'd in Windsor for lunch...

Sunset burger, divine, but very messy...

Mighty Aussie

Kung Fu

Shaunies burger - the name escapes me, and some herbed chips, with loads of salt on them...

An awesome filling lunch, first time in ages I have not eaten for many hours afterwards... Great fuel for many hours of shopping...

Koralie and Fafi hit Brooklyn...

French graffiti artists Koralie and Fafi’s have hit Brooklyn... If you live in the area keep your eyes open!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Palmers Tummy Butter

The minute my pregnancy was confirmed I rushed out and bought some Palmers products, am a massive fan of loads of their products and use one or another every day... I wanted to start a ritual so that Mark could bond with my bump and thought that getting some yummy creams and lotions to rub in on a nightly basis would be the perfect bonding experience for him, and pampering for me!

I bought a couple of products but wanted to start with the Tummy Butter because I liked the sound of the ingredients, and thought the lavender would be nice before bed...

It went on thick, but smelt nice and felt nice, maybe a little waxy... After using it for a week or two my tummy was itchy and red... I thought it might have been because my tummy was growing or something, but it was continuously irritated, and after a week or more of scratching it occurred to me it might be the butter... So we stopped using it, and it cleared up within days! I was bummed out because it sounded great and my body had never been allergic to anything before... But here we were, so I gave the butter to a pregnant friend, and pondered whether I should use something else, or give up completely because it was a bit scary having such a reaction...

I decided to try something else, and it was fine, will review it tomorrow...

You Don't Mess with the Zohan - 2008 - DVD Release

This was not a film that I wanted to pay to see, but I did want to see it... I wasn't hoping for much, just a little bit of cheese, and on a day that I was immobilised and not in the mood for some serious film, it fit the bill... Not a great story, not hilariously funny, but it passed the time and there were a couple of laughs along the way...

A good cast, Adam Sandler does an okay job, the leading lady Dalia (Emmanuelle Chriqui) is hot, and all of the usual characters you see in Sandlers films add to the comedy factor... It just isn't a great comedy...

Wouldn't recommend it, unless you too are looking for a little cheese, possibly suited for a hangover, minimal brain activity required...

Deathproof - Quentin Tarantino - 2007 - DVD release

The plan was to watch this at the cinema as a double feature with its intended 'Planet Terror'... As a limited release it was on at the Astor, but by the time we were aware of that I was pregnant and couldn't imagine sitting in a cinema for a double feature, now it is on DVD and we finally got around to watching it... I didn't have any expectations of this film, just to be entertained, and it was only mildly fulfilled...

It took 50 minutes for something to happen, lots of character building, only to rip it away in a second... And the same again for the second half... I didn't know what to make of it, it felt like 3 hours - not 2... The characters were interesting, though Jungle Julia's (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) dialogue and delivery at times resembled Uma Thurman in 'Pulp Fiction'... Kurt Russell surprised with his ability to be bad, I always think of him as a funny good guy...

Doubt I would watch it again, but it had to be done to get to 'Planet Terror' which will be viewed this week...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Swisse - Pregcel Multi Vitamin

I was given a sample of the Pregcel Multivitamin in the Cabrini show bag... On my trip to the Gold Coast in September I thought they would be easier to cart along then my folate supplement, and so I did... The first morning I took one I felt mildly sick afterwards, but assumed it was getting used to the heat... I hadn't had any morning sickness, and thought it strange that it could start at 16 weeks... The next morning I took one I felt even worse, sipping water to fight back the nausea, still not twigging that it could be the supplement... On the third morning I was ill, physically, and it became very clear that it was this multivitamin causing the tummy upset... Stopped it the next day and felt fine...

My point is not to slate these pregnancy specific multi vitamins, but I think if you are eating a balanced diet, and taking your folate supplement, maybe its an extra cost that isn't necessarily beneficial?

Polo Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Fall 2008 Collection

Ralph Laurens Pink Pony Fall Collection has been released, continuing the global fight against cancer... I always love it when designers get passionate about charity work... The new collection is available exclusively at Ralph Lauren stores and online at Show love...

Supreme x Maglite - Solitaire Flashlight

Supreme is always bringing the dopeness...

Loving their latest collab with Everlast, always wanted a Maglite, but never got around to it...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Entourage stays...

Thankfully HBO will be keeping Entourage around for a 6th season not originally on the cards... Dope... Still love this show...

Dave's Quailty Meat 5 year celebration/renovation

Dave’s Quality Meat
7 East 3rd Street
New York, NY 10003
TEL 212-505-7551

Looking forward to check the renovations at DQM, we always hit this store, even though they never seem to have anything for ladies... Its looking good...

Photography: J. Martinez