Thursday, October 23, 2008

Melbourne City Romp

Melbourne City Romp
19th October 2008

A few months ago while watching Amazing Race I saw the advertisement for this, I got excited quickly... In the next 24 hours I got together a team of 6 and registered...
On the day which just so happened to fall on my 30th birthday, I was still struggling with the flu and I knew that completing the challenge wouldn't help, but I am glad I went along... We had no idea what to expect, which was basically a grid of possible check points with clues to pinpoint exactly where they were, and a challenge at every checkpoint with a multiple choice answer, these challenges were a mixture of physical, to hunt, to find, to jump... After 4 hours we were knackered! We probably didn't score very high, but now we have an idea we will tackle it again next year with a little more order...

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