Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fifteen Melbourne

Fifteen Melbourne
115 – 117 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000(Enter through George Parade)
Telephone : 1300 799 415
International : +61 (0) 386 486 000

We have been to this restaurant before, when it first opened... The food was fantastic, though it was very dark and at times hard to see... We thought that we would go back again for Marks birthday and have another round of the degustation menu - awesome that they have a meat and vegetarian option... The slow roasted lamb the first time was the meat highlight of the year for me, unfortunately that wasnt being served this time...

The food was pretty good, not as great as the first time, but the lighting was better, and the service impeccable... Our waiter - Dan - was extremely helpful on the pregnancy front making sure that I could eat everything on the menu, and changing dishes accordingly...

Appetiser: Zucchini flowers with mint and ricotta in tempura batter
A yummy start, I think that it was Marks favourite
Vegetarian 1st course - we both had this: bruschetta with a creamy cheese and broadbean mash and peas
This was divine!

Vegetarian Course 2: Minestrone
Mark said that this was average, a bit bland

Non vegetarian Course 2: tuna carpaccio with quails egg and salad
Another great course, the tuna and the egg went surprisingly well together

Vegetarian course 3 we both had this: ricotta, mushroom, sage, marjoram wrapped in light pasta sprinkled with parmesan
This was amazing, the perfect amount, too much could get a bit rich

Vegetarian course 4: oozy polenta, roasted pumpkin, cavalo nero, poached free range egg, parmesan and micro herbs
Mark said that this was good
Non vegetarian Course 4: John Dory in a butter herby sauce
Good fish, great sauce!

Palatte cleanser: watermelon sorbet

Dessert course 5: Chocolate tart
This was too rich, neither of us could finish it

Cheese board course 6
We only barely touched this, after 2.5 hours with the flu we were both ready to go, and full up on the prior yummy dishes...

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