Sunday, October 12, 2008

Swisse - Pregcel Multi Vitamin

I was given a sample of the Pregcel Multivitamin in the Cabrini show bag... On my trip to the Gold Coast in September I thought they would be easier to cart along then my folate supplement, and so I did... The first morning I took one I felt mildly sick afterwards, but assumed it was getting used to the heat... I hadn't had any morning sickness, and thought it strange that it could start at 16 weeks... The next morning I took one I felt even worse, sipping water to fight back the nausea, still not twigging that it could be the supplement... On the third morning I was ill, physically, and it became very clear that it was this multivitamin causing the tummy upset... Stopped it the next day and felt fine...

My point is not to slate these pregnancy specific multi vitamins, but I think if you are eating a balanced diet, and taking your folate supplement, maybe its an extra cost that isn't necessarily beneficial?

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