Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday 31st May

Decided to start at the pool today as we had things planned so we wouldn’t get back again, and pool time is important to me... after getting up at 6 (getting better), I fell back asleep and we ended up getting to the pool at 9, for opening, to a massive queue, took 20 minutes to get in, but at least we got a lounger, not poolside, but it was so cloudy we didn’t end up in the water... Today’s play list was infinitely better than yesterday’s DJ 😂 so nice to just chill in this lovely environment... I love flamingo pool, it’s the main reason we keep going back!

Downtown tattoo

Caught a lyft downtown, had a look around, cool to place the history we learnt at the neon museum... Headed to Downtown Tattoo, a brilliant studio with some amazing traditional artists... Ryan gave my husband a great tattoo... The vibe in the studio was great, friendly dudes, and great flash all over the walls and ceiling...

Container park

Some cute shops here, the toy store was very good, looks like a cool community too... Ended up eating at the vegan spot, not impressed with the food unfortunately...

Zombie burlesque

I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a fun night! Yes we have seen better burlesque by non zombies, but the host was hilarious... Worth it to get the VIP seats, great view, string drinks... Would recommend if you like some risqué hilarity... But would also say that Absinthe is better if you haven’t seen it…

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