Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Friday 2nd June

Friday am leave, lyft XL to the airport... Another great stay in Las Vegas... Will probably be a few years before we get back again, but we will be back!


Magic castle

This hotel is so cute! It reminds me of the types you see in shows like Veronica Mars... I just loved the vibe here, that staff/service was impeccable, there were Free snacks, Soda machine, Ice cream machine, Popsicle hotline, Free Laundry service, Make up remover, beauty bar, mouthwash,Wifi, but it’s slow, fortunately we had our own and included Breakfast, cereal, pastries, yoghurt, fruit, even Vegemite on toast!  

The main reason we chose this hotel was to get into the Magic Castle, and it ended up being so much more than that.. Should we ever stay in LA again, would definitely go back... 

Exploring Hollywood, Weho, and Mark got a tattoo at High Seas... Another spot with some great traditional artists...

Met up with our friends from LA A&G, they took us to The velvet margarita for dinner... it was very cool, great decor, dark, delicious Mexican food, big serves, and my cocktail came in an actual pineapple! And most important, great company! After dinner the boys went to Amoeba records and after walking around a bit, we stopped at Starbucks and drank tea and caught up...

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