Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tuesday 30th May 

Jet lag is always better with melatonin (available from the drug store), instead of my usual 4am jet lag wake up, it doesn’t matter where we go, it’s always 4! I woke up at 5.30, not quite acceptable, especially when my husband sleeeeeeps, but it’s something...


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Uber made it annoying to change my number, so we used lyft the entire trip, it was so inexpensive, and we had some really cool drivers...

Neon museum

Another thing leftover from previous trips, we grabbed a Lyft (I had already changed sims when I realised I needed my old one to change my country) to the Neon museum/neon boneyard... I am so glad we did this, definitely in my top 2/3 things I have ever done in Vegas... Our tour guide was really knowledgable, we got a lot of history, of Vegas as a city, Fremont St and The Strip... It takes an hour, originally I wanted to go at night, but after doing some research regarding the handful of signs that are restored/in working order, we decided to do it in the day, it was a good choice, so many things to see, daylight is a plus... We did the 9.20 tour, it was already getting hot! They did provide umbrellas as shade, which was awesome for people with sun sensitive skin...

Premium outlets

I always like to hit this spot, even though I don’t feel like there are loads of bargains... We did do quite a bit of shopping though... best bargain of the day was 2 pairs of converse for $70AUD, at home they are $100 a pair 😳

Flamingo pool

It’s was hot today, and after all that walking, I needed to get cool, there was a queue and not way in the world we were going to be getting a sun lounge with that many people on the floor... We jumped in, within 10 minutes someone poolside left and I swam over and scored the lounges... Bliss, it’s just so nice being so close to the water, dipping in and out at your pleasure... Was feeling so blissed out, only downer was the DJ that seemed to love mash ups 😂

El Segundo Sol

I was recommended this spot, and I have to say, Mexican food is my favourite, and there isn’t a lot of good Mexican in Australia... So when we ordered, it was all so good... Sometimes Sangria has a synthetic taste, and the sangria was just divine, the food was too much, but delicious, especially the corn, at home you get about a third of corn for the same price! I was skeptical based on the location, on the outside of fashion show mall, but it was gorgeous on the deck, fairy lights make me happy! The service was awesome... All good!

Fashion show mall... again...

Despite having sore feet, we went for round two at fashion show mall, and they didn’t have anything I was looking for, disaster... Ended up getting the fenty x puma x Rihanna slides, mostly because my feet were too hot to walk back to the hotel in my sneakers 😆

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