Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sunday 4th June

Magic castle brunch

This was the main reason we stayed in our hotel... And it was worth it... We went to the brunch, if you don’t have kids, would recommend catching dinner instead of brunch... The buffet was great, I feel like they can often be hit or miss, but this was a hit! The magic was also great, and bringing the castle in general was great, it’s very old and beautiful...

More Shopping

Cliftons republic

We caught up with A&G and drove around LA, went up to Griffith observatory, downtown, going to Cliftons Republic for dinner... This place was awesome! Such cool decor, great cafeteria style food, that really hit the spot... the only shame was that because it was Sunday night, he tiki bar on the Third floor was closed! But it was an awesome dining experience... cruised around the city some more, and learnt a bit about the history of downtown...

Angels brewery

Stopped here for a drink, seriously, A&G took us to such cool places, not standard at all... So this is a brewery, bar, they also do art, and have a little market... Good times!

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