Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday 5th June

Runyon canyon

I was keen to do Runyon Canyon, but we naively took the east trail, the non paved legitimate hike, that goes up 40 stories/floors, in a short time... I was petrified, and more than once wanted to stop, it was quite steep in some spots... but Mark talked me through it... A good work out in the least!

La Carmencita

When we got here for lunch, I was ravenous! We got a bunch of tacos, they were all divine... Would say the pork and short rib tacos were the best tacos we ate on our trip... However the drinks were sub par... My mojito had almost no mint, strong, but gross... Tried the sangria to take the taste out of my mouth, and it didn’t have any fruit! Bad... was just gross red wine! Anyway the food was phenomenal, and service good too...

More walking around, then back to our room to pack for Disneyland...

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