Saturday, November 3, 2012

Liknuts with support by Onyx at Prince of Wales Bandroom November 2012

The idea of seeing this show was ridiculously exciting! We got tickets immediately, booked Childcare and waited patiently... Unfortunately my aunt's funeral was on the day of the show, but I was determined to power on and have a good night... On arrival I was an empty shell of a human, devoid of emotion, full straight face, so I decided to drink the pain away... I thought it would be drunk (haven't been drunk in years) party girl, or drunk crying girl... There was a bit of a compression session backstage so I inadvertently got dizzy, and then, after many acts, hours later then expected, Onyx came on... They were the support, but having missed them in the past I was crazy excited to see them AND THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! Dudes have energy, skill, professionally killing it!!! Rocked me to the core, I forgot it could be that good, and that I could actually do almost front row again!!!

I'm not going to say much about the LikNuts, they were okay... Didn't kill it for me, like because there were more of them, they didn't have to give as much...? Juju was my favourite thing about them with some crazy facials and his funny/charming/scummy charisma... Otherwise I would have been happy for it to be called an Onyx show and pay the same just to see them, not a bunch of crappy support acts and the LikNuts...

Thursday 01 November, 2012, 08:00PM
Prince Bandroom
Prince Of Wales Hotel
St Kilda, VIC

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