Wednesday, November 14, 2012

iPad mini...

I never thought I would be the parent buying her toddler/preschooler an iPad each, but the mini is perfectly suited to our needs as a family... Firstly, we get our iDevices back! The kids have a long battery life with access to their free play games, music and tv shows, perfect for long drives, sick grouchy kids, quiet time or a longer coffee session! In all honesty, they really don't use them loads, but when they do, I am guaranteed some quiet, they are happy, we are all happy!

We did have a leap pad for Marley, but the ridiculous battery life, actual batteries, 8 AA's for 2 hours use, was too much, and there are limited games at crazy prices, it would have been a further $350 to catch Mace up in his leap pad when for around that we got the mini, and I already have all of the apps, TV and music, so no further costs... And to make it even better, we got almost $200 for the leap pad on eBay last night! I am a happy lady!

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