Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grug - Ted Prior... Book and old friend...

Today in quiet time I brought out these books... I had been saving them for a time that they would be appreciated, today was the right time... Mace went crazy for Grug, Marley insisted I read them over and over... I used to love the Grug books, he is a character that sticks with you, and generally speaking, books are great!

When Mark woke up from his snooze, he looked stumped 'what is Grug?', luckily I bought the first book!!! I'm pretty sure we will collect these, as we have other series, as the stories are simple enough for Mace to sit through, with enough pictures for Marley to talk to me about what's happening and also learn some letters... Am very happy with these books reemerging into my life!

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