Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yoga for pregnant ladies, and their toddlers?

I have had a hard time getting to the gym lately with sickness (colds all 'round), tiredness, being busy trying to catch up on things post sick and tired, which has resulted in a decision to get a yoga DVD at home... I started with a proper yoga DVD which was far too hardcore for me, ordered a pregnancy yoga DVD and it felt much better!

I have been doing it 3-4 times a week, a nice amount... Still hoping to get back to gym, at least for body pump (did this up to month 8 of pregnancy with Marley), but in the meantime at least I am doing something... However Marley isn't a fan, she goes from playing with her toys, to sitting on my lap at every sitting pose, to doing her own yoga next to me, to using my body as a racing track for her cars when I am doing the downward facing dog... I must admit that her yoga is very cute, and flexible, it's just so hard to relax and focus when one eye has to stay on the kid!

In any case I definitely recommend checking a pregnancy yoga DVD if you are pregnant and struggling to exercise!

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