Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Walking Dead... Watch it!!!

We finally got around to watching the pilot of The Walking Dead last night... To be honest I was putting it off, watching all of the other shows we download as they came in, a bit scared of this show, even with the great reviews... With good reason, it IS scary! For me...

After being pregnant with/having Marley, my love of horror has subsided... My night horrors increasing to massive proportions, only able to watch scary films through the day, at which time Marley is up, so not really watching horror at all... Being pregnant again I was freaking out at the possibility of being scared weekly should we commit to this show...

I am glad that I gave it a go... It's freaking awesome... It is not only scary, but touching and offers hope that lots of shows we watch don't... The opening scene had me freaking out and then all teary and upset (deeply considering turning it off), in fact in the hour and six minutes I was often upset, but the hopeful moments just make me want more, more, more, to the point where I am spewing we have a game tonight and won't be able to watch the next episode! I might also add that the whole episode had us gripped, neither of us checking anything on our phones, time, email, eBay, twitter or facebook! That's really saying something!

As far as bad dreams go, I had them all night, lots of undead, rotting flesh, guns, fear, but I didn't wake up screaming which is a good sign!

You need to watch it!

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