Friday, November 26, 2010

Baking gingerbread men...

Another stormy day paired with another double ear infection and throat infection... Once the afternoon fever came down a little and Marley continuously asked to go outside, I decided we needed a long indoor activity to get us through the afternoon... Baking it was... I cheated by getting a packet mix of gingerbread men because I couldn't have left my little handful alone long enough to measure out a recipe from scratch, Marley didn't know the difference!

She LOVED it! Kneading the dough, wearing our cupcake aprons, cutting out the little men and decorating them... The only lulls were when the dough had to rest for 15 minutes, she went and cooked on her mini oven... And when they were cooking, we had crazy sticker fun, all over her, the couch, the chair and me!

Highly recommended way to spend the afternoon with a toddler!

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dimensionK said...

Sounds like fun! Tasty?