Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New babies = shopping!!!

One of the most wonderful things about having a new baby, once you have had the 20 week scan and get the all good, is shopping for the new addition... Here are some super cute items delivered in the past week:

5 pack of Nike onesies, very cute colours/designs... The Jordan ones we bought Marley were a staple of her wardrobe, as I'm sure these will come to be...
Navy blue Ralph Lauren slip on sneakers, with little green polo logos all over them... Beautiful!
Blue Ralph Lauren tracksuit, so soft!

After a mad washing spree and sorting all the clothes that Marley wore and fishing out the non pink variety, our little lads wardrobe is close to complete... Now it's feeling so real, can't wait to meet him!


Anonymous said...

Corrie, It's Merowyn. One of the nurses on our ward had her scan, was told it was a girl... Gave birth a couple of weeks ago and.... It was a boy! So funny, everyone gave her tinkerbell things and pink things and cute girly things. I got her TURNTABLE TIMMY a hip hop kids book, you probably already know about it. Thank GOD I got that... unisex all the way!!! Hahahahahaha

corrie said...

That would have been my worst nightmare! Now I have my little girl I am happy with whatever sex I have next, and stories like that are exactly why I have kept all of the girly stuff in storage until kid#2 pops out ;)

Kelly said...

At least it's a lot more socially acceptable for a girl to wear boys clothes if that happened. I'm pretty sure you got yourself a boy tho! :)

PS I also can't wait to meet him!