Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chocolate Buddha - Federation Square - Melbourne

Chocolate Buddha - Federation Square - Melbourne
Cnr Swanston and Flinders St
9654 5688

Another Good Food Guide 2009 recommendation... Friends have raved about this spot, but unfortunately I would have to say don't believe the hype... The service here was completely incompetent... It may have been that the area we sat in they had opened specifically because the weather was divine and so had no idea how to work it out, but the drama of retrieving my credit card as insurance and paying (tried to charge us twice), it was all a bit much really and definitely tarnished the positive feelings I had towards the menu and food itself...

One of the main reasons I wanted to take my husband here was because of their extensive vegetarian menu, they came through on that... Considering it was lunch time we thought we would grab 3 light dishes to share, they were indeed light, probably could have done with another one... The Sunomono Salad had some of the yummiest seaweed that I have tasted, but the rest of the salad felt a bit uninspired... The Shojin-Age (tempura vegetables) was lovely, the batter was light and not too oily and the vegetables were tasty... The Green Gyoza I found to be as good as non meat gets, but Mark wasn't a fan...

Lovely venue, lovely food but the service really let this place down...

Sunomono Salad: blanched & shredded Japanese seaweed & vegetable salad with a delicious sweet vinegar Japanese dressing - low in calories high in vitamins, minerals, fibre & calcium

Vegetable tempura w fresh grated ginger, daikon & dashi dipping sauce

Green Gyoza 6 vegetarian (soy protein) dumplings: steamed then pan seared until tender

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