Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MoVida - Melbourne City

Open daily, Noon to late.
1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne, 3000 (Melways: Map 1, B12)
Bookings Essential Phone (03) 9663 3038

With the knowledge that post baby there will be fewer and fewer lovely meals out we have decided to start working our way through the 2009 Good Food Guide... Have had my eye on MoVida for a while and its appearance and fantastic review including 2 chefs hats in the guide made it the perfect pre Fathers day lunch on Sunday...

We didn't book ahead, even though it is suggested, as we were on a big walk around the city and I didn't want to have to rush anywhere, so when we happened by, they had one last spot at the tables next to the bar, which was ideal as I'm hating the smell of booze lately... The service was 5 star, our waiter was so friendly and attentive, this is always a good sign... We ordered 3 vegetarian meals to share, I honestly think the meat and seafood dishes look divine, so I will have to go back with a meat eater... We both favoured different meals, I rated the marinated capsicum as king, then the potatoes then the spinach... I could have eaten just the capsicum as an entire main, it was truly delicious... Mark favoured the potatoes (surprise), then the spinach then the capsicum, I don't know if that says something about the standard of yumminess or that we differ somewhat in our tastes for food... And to finish a shared dessert, churros, which were good, bu our chocolate could have been richer, I'm a sucker for rich chocolatey goodness...

In any case, great service and delightful tasty food, not overly priced, would highly recommend you check it out (with a meat eater)...

Espinacas con garbanzos: Sauteed spinach with chickpeas & spices
Asadillo: Marinated roast capsicum and tomato salad, in Moorish spices
Patatas a la pobre: Poor man's potatoes. Slow cooked nicola potatoes with peppers in olive oil
Churros: Rich drinking chocolate and Spanish doughnuts

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