Monday, July 7, 2008

Vegie Bar - Fitzroy

Vegie Bar
380 Brunswick St
9417 6935

Kelly and I went here for dinner before Claudines exhibition... I am a bit of a fan of vegie bar and knew what I wanted before I arrived... Luckily got a seat straight away as it was quite full, service was fast and friendly... We both ordered the vegie roast, with an array of vegetables roasted with garilc, rosemary and other herbs and spices with hummus and tzatziki and crusty bread too... The dips and bread were divine, and probably enough to fill me, but I powered through and ate most of my vegetables which were divine! If you are a vegetarian, or even just open to non meat, this spot has a great range, and is yummy!

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Kelly said...

Yum... I need to start cooking roast veggies. As soon as I figure out how.