Friday, July 4, 2008

Soul Mama - St Kilda

Soul Mama - St Kilda
St Kilda Seabaths
Jacka Blvd

This is one of mine and Marks favourite places to eat food, so when it hit one year of Mark not smoking cigarettes we went there to celebrate! Its a lovely walk by the sea to get to the restaurant, though last night it was pretty cold! What is nice about Soul Mama, apart from the lovely view of the ocean, is that you can see all of the yummy veggie options, and although service is usually lacking, its very easy to get your meal... 4 out of the 4 dishes I tried last night were good, while Mark thought his Tandoori veg was not so good liked 3 out of 4... The mushroom and rice balls were the highlight for me, the mushroom stroganoff next, chick pea curry close behind and then the lentil curry... I ate far too much food and felt a bit bloated for at least a couple hours afterwards! Badness... It is also really inexpensive, We got 2 medium bowls and a beer for Mark and it was $38 plus tip... Nice...


Anonymous said...

I went there....was a wicked view. Peace, J. ukhh

Kelly said...

Congrats to Mark! Good to know it can be done. :)