Monday, July 28, 2008

Wicked the musical

Wicked the musical
Regent Theatre

Mark and I bought tickets to Wicked for mum and Shane for their birthdays... I had wanted to see this since planning our first trip to NYC in 2006, so it was fantastic to hear that it was coming here... I got tickets the minute they went on sale, and due to my diligence we were 9 rows from the front (left)... The great thing about being this close was seeing the actors make up, expressions and costumes...

The opening and first 30 or so minutes I wasn't blown away, in fact I was wondering just what exactly we were doing here... but by the close of the first half it was clear that this show was destined to be greatness... The last scene in the first half had the whole theatre in uproar! The second half went from strength to strength, the story was involved, cast were singing and dancing their hearts out and it was completely engaging...

At the end I just wished I had the Wizard of Oz film at hand as I was, and still am desperate to see it again... The play changed everything you think you know about that film!

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