Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hot Honey - Middle Park

Hot Honey
40 - 42 Armstrong St
Middle Park

Well I said I would be back, and today I was... JF and I went for lunch today... I ummmed and ahhhed over the menu and seriously considered trying something different, but settled on the Home made corn bread with bacon avocado tomato salsa and sour cream... Oooooh it was sooooooo goooood! (lots of oooos) JF had the beans with chorizo sausage... He said his was 'good winter food', so I assume he liked it... I seriously recommend you go there, its reasonably priced and sooo tasty!

Beans and chorizo sausage
Cornbread, avocado, bacon and sour cream


Beautiful Loser said...

Your food always looks soooooo good on your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love Hot Honey! It is marked by great food, a wonderful and warm hostess (Emma), her friendly staff and a really welcoming atmosphere. It is our local...and it is a pleasure.
An appreciative client! Cassandra's mum...