Saturday, June 7, 2008

Obese Block Party 5

Obese Block Party 5
(formerly Metro Melbourne)
20 - 30 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000

We arrived at 9pm to a queue... On a chilly night I could think of many better things to be doing than queueing getting passively stoned with about 50 boys... We eventually got to the door, searched (unexpected) and then in, surprisingly it was empty, not sure why the queue was so slow, but you get that... From the first few minutes it was clear that the small crowd was already full of losers, which got progressively worse with the night... Illy never rolled onto stage, not sure what that was about? Ivens was good, hadn't seen him for aaaaages and I must say his stage presence is on the up... Reasons set was tight, but I just don't get why he changes all the beats to tracks we already know and love... Its frustrating... Wasn't really feeling spit syndicate or chasm, and the crowd was really annoying me by this stage...

Went backstage to see Mark, and I'm not hot on the way its laid out since the renovations... Was waaaay too smoky in the back and too crowded on the side of the stage so I went back to my girls in the crowd... Drapht was really good, am seriously considering purchasing his album with hope that its as good as his live show... Bias was good, but this is to be expected, and then we legged it... Just couldn't deal with that many boys with busy hands, was either leave or end up punching someone... Great tunes provided in the interim by Mark563, its a nice change to have an Obese show pay attention to this... Big up Ben at Obese for my AAA pass, its nice to have easy access to my husband...

credit to mark563 for some of my pics

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