Saturday, June 21, 2008

Australia the fattest nation?!?

The first thing everyone was talking about as I arrived at pump yesterday morning was that Australia is the fattest nation... I got home to get ready for work and gerabbed the paper off the driveway, in between clients I managed to read the front page of 'the Age' showing this image and the above article... It is all a big worry and I also find it embarrassing for our nation that we are full of fat people... Maybe the issue needs to be tackled in the same way that we tackle alcohol and drug abuse, with free services (counselling, project working etc) to help these people resolve their addiction to food or the reasons behind their compulsive eating... Something needs to happen...

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Kelly said...

I don't understand how people manage to get _really_ fat... Surely it takes a fair amount of effort, especially for a guy.
Slightly overweight is fine by me though. One thing I definitely do not find attractive is scrawny men.