Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Campari House for dinner and drinks...

I have been so busy I forgot to post! A couple weeks ago we went to Campari House for dinner and drinks to celebrate Cassie's birthday... I was a bit concerned when I called ahead to discuss any possible vegan options for Mark and being told that they are an Italian restaurant so everything has meat or cheese in it... Usually places are more helpful... So Mark ate before we left... However, my dinner was delicious! I had the lobster bisque risotto with scallops and prawns, very good! 
We moved upstairs where Cassie had a booth reserved and started the drinking portion of the night... I had a two cocktail plan, with limited childcare, so I started with the Havana Chocolate Delight, the sound of this was better then the taste, a bit too strong with a brown liquor taste... However the Marshmallow Monk was amazing! 

23-25 Hardware Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

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