Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dream World Gold Coast

Dreamworld  has changed loads in the last 3 years... Wiggle world is similar, but the other kids section, the nickelodeon section, is different... Changed into Madagascar, kung fu panda and shrek rides for big kids, I really felt a bit rolled  that we paid that much money to go there! If it was just us, there would be loads to do, but we are a family now, there is only space to go on rides for the tiny humans... Sure the tigers were cute, the Australian animals were amazing, but we are members of the zoo over here, so there wasn't much to be gained from going there... Marley did enjoy petting the kangaroos, and wiggle world, but the rest of the time she felt that there was nothing for kids... We probably won't be back until they are big kids and we can do some medium sized roller coasters!

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