Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oz Comic Con

After last years ridiculous drama with entry, gridlock, people being locked out etc, opening the doors a little late this time to massive queues felt like it was going to be bad... We arrived half hour early and the queue was already loooong, by 9am it had doubled again! Took half hour to get us in, a bit too long, but you expect that... The crowds were a bit hectic by 11, just as I was going in to see J August Richards... I caught the last half of the panel before, which was pretty interesting, all animation voices... And then J August Richards was on, dude was humble, hilarious, interesting... One of those perfect humans for a Q&A, adding little stories to answers, a proper entertainer! At the end we had a little chat, he's such a lovely man...
More cruising around, lots of great stalls this year... Including 'geek' tattooing! Was amazing! Overall it was a much better job then last year, I look forward to next year!!!

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