Friday, July 6, 2012

Nirvana shirt from

So recently I have been obsessed with a site where artists can put up their work and you can buy it in whatever form you like, tees, prints, stickers, etc... Been wanting a new Nirvana shirt and ordered this one, it makes me laugh, except poor Kurt, looking so sad... Mark is putting his art up soon which is exciting because people are always asking about buying his work, and soon they can!

Also sorry about being so quiet on here, Mace is going on day 11 of sickness, hard to find inspiration! But he is on the mend, wooooo! The past two says have definitely been better!

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Kelly said...

Ahhh. I've bought Chris a couple shirts from (a while ago) Will need to check out redbubble, I didn't know there was another place that did that.. Love it.

Kelly said...

Thanks for this. Buying some now for Chris' bday... Looking forward to seeing Mark's stuff up there. :)