Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Melbourne Victory Football Club Pledge...

I was working my butt off yesterday and didn't get a chance to watch this...  Watching this morning over a cup of chai while the kids play with Lego, it gives me shivers...  I am beyond excited about the upcoming season, and no, this isn't a sports blog, but MVFC is a massive part of our lives and that will be reflected from time to time...  We took our pledge in the roll over plan so all of the advertising isn't going to enlist us, but it does increase the excitement, Bring on next season already!!!  

Even more exciting is that this year we are going to 3 away games...  We had only ever been to one before, which we lost, but the energy and the march were awesome! The pro to going to more this year is more time with my husband, and getting to catch up with my best friend who is living in Brisbane, going to Sydney again and checking out Launceston (never been to TAS before!)...  There is a lot to be excited about in this next year...  A lot of it starts with the pros of the kids getting a little bit older and more manageable, makes for an awesome life!

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