Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jamie Oliver Tefal Pan

I'm not sure that I have ever blogged about a pan before, but this pan is the shiz! I cook, 5 nights a week, plus a couple hot breakfasts and lunches here and there, I'm not an amazing chef, but I love cooking, chopping, trying new recipes (1-2 new recipe a week)... I rely heavily on my tools in the kitchen, so when I saw this pan on sale I snapped it up... That was almost a year ago!

Then I was pregnant and had a new baby and just didn't get the time or flexibility to try my new pan... Didn't want a dodgy meal if it wasn't so great, so stuck with what I knew, inferior pans that I have had since we got back from England (6 years ago)...

Fast forward to brunch 2 weeks ago, we had a few friends over and I was cooking a full English breakfast for all, I needed all 5 jets on the stove and needed an extra pan for eggs... I whipped out this baby and cooked some good eggs, non stick, no oil - delicious eggs!!! One of our guests commented that those pans are the shit and he was right! Have used it loads in the past two weeks as well as purchasing replacement ones for my other sized pans!

If you love to cook and are in the market for new pans, you must buy one, just to try, you won't look back!

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