Monday, January 23, 2012

A Dance with Dragons (songs of fire and ice, game of thrones) review

A Dance With Dragons
George R R Martin

Having read all of the Songs of Fire and Ice series in succession, I was excited and nervous to read this one... Excited because at the end of every book you just want more, nervous because I don't know when the next one will be released... I have completely enveloped myself into these books, they have kept me satisfied and obsessed for a couple months... I must say that the first half of this book (5) was almost boring... I couldn't get in to it, when 4 was amazing, it just felt slower then slow... At the halfway mark things picked up, the reason I think is because 4 & 5 were like one story split up and divided by the characters, halfway everyone was back in the story and it felt like a carefully woven story again... So inevitably it ended leaving me hungry for more and I have no idea when these characters will be back in my life! Read it! Read them all! Watch it! Season 2 starts April 1...

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