Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grace After Midnight - Felicia 'snoop' Pearson

Grace After Midnight - Felicia 'snoop' Pearson

After a hard day at work I thought I would snuggle in with this memoir that I had bought Mark for his birthday... Its not a long story, I thought two days max, 2 hours later it was over, not a long story at all...

This is Felicia 'snoop' Pearson's memoir, she played the role of Snoop on 'The Wire'... In her memoir she tells her story, which has its moments, one about her memories of her mother which shook me... Then there are others, her time on the street, in jail, out of jail, and getting a part on The Wire, but it doesn't go very deep... There isn't much retrospective thought, it is very 'I did that, didn't feel it just did it' attitude, which leaves you wondering what more is there in Felicia's psyche?

I did enjoy it, thought maybe with another 20 years life experience this book would have gripped me for many hours, taking you through her whole story, but at this stage it just seems like the start of it...

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