Sunday, December 14, 2008

21 - Film - DVD release

Meant to catch this at the cinema, but it didn't happen... On a rainy summers night in we put it on... I wasn't disappointed, it had the thrill of card counting in Vegas, it had Vegas, which was the most important thing... The casting was pretty good, though I think Kate Bosworth has been sliding down the scale since the start of her career, she just isn't believable as the hottest girl in school... Kevin Spacey puts in an awesome performance... The story was good, not too much background into the characters, which I like... And with Vegas as the background you cant go wrong... Didn't wonder what time it was the whole time, which is always a good sign...
Only problem was once it was over and we went to bed, I couldn't stop thinking about Vegas, far too stimulating... Its going to be years before we get back there *sigh*

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