Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reaper Season 1 TV

Reaper Season 1 TV

On a recommendation from a friend I began watching Reaper... The first episode was directed by Kevin Smith which put an instant smile on Marks face... The first episode was good, I felt like it was building to something special... The next episode was unfortunately too much 'more of the same'... Started the third and fell asleep... Now in my current state that isn't quite saying something, but that I manage to stay up through So you think you can dance (US) 3 nights a week is saying something... haha... I spoke to the friend that recommended it, Nikesh I am calling you out ;) and it turned out that he stopped watching it too... For the same reason, too formulaic and I quote
' slacker moment
devil task
physical impediment
ooh i love you but i can't tell you moment
first defeat
devil says stick with it
fluke of luck they triumph'

This leads me to believe that it might appeal to a very young audience, with its Scooby Doo type formula that we all kept watching as kids, though the content isn't for children... Tough...

Don't watch it...

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