Friday, August 29, 2008

Ace Hi Riding Ranch - Cape Schanck

810 Boneo Rd
Cape Schanck
VIC 3939
ph: 03 5988 6262
Fax: 03 5988 6698

For a weekend away we headed to Ace Hi Riding Ranch... Initially the plan was to catch a little horse riding, as well as having some cool activities for Olivia, the pregnancy got in the way of horse riding, but Olivia got her pony ride, and we all got a chance to feed the animals at the wildlife park which is free for people staying there...

Inexpensive accommodation, freezing cold, loads of bunks as well as our double bed, someone previously in our room had clearly wet the bed and not told anyone as it was stanksville! But for $70 a night, who can really complain... Think it would be much better to stay in summer for the sake of the temperature of the rooms, but ultimately a good time was had by all!

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